Gods and Legends: Grab Limited Token Staking Opportunuty

Gods and Legends offers its NFT collection on Atomic marketplace, based on the WAX blockchain.
  • Staking open until August 10 for Gods and Legends players.
  • Game offers opportunities on WAX and BSC blockchains.
  • Join Gods and Legends and Angels and Demons for NFT giveaways and airdrops.

Gods and Legends aims to bring to life a full gaming and crypto ecosystem. Based on mythology, this NFT game brings collectible cards, characters, as well as the potential for passive income from staking. 

What’s unique about Gods and Legends is that the project has a multi-game, multi-chain strategy. Gods and Legends originally launched on WAX, a blockchain specifically made for gaming. The second series, Angels and Demons, is on Binance Smart Chain, and a bit closer to the crypto trading, staking and DEX infrastructure. 

Now, gamers have a new staking pool open until August 10 to earn WAXp token rewards. The WAX native token is relatively liquid and can be resold, or used to acquire NFT and join other games on the fast gaming blockchain. The NFT collections and the game invite between 50 and 100 users per day based on smart contract activity, though the game may host more players with no blockchain interaction.


WAXp has also been listed on Binance.US, the market operator targeting US-based traders. This will give the asset extra liquidity, making the game even more attractive. WAXp is at $0.09, after falling from highs above $0.92 during the peak of P2E tokens in November 2021. GLRT, the game’s own token, is thinly traded only on CoinTiger, and has a low price of $0.004 with very low trading activity. For this reason, WAXp may be the more suitable asset to use in the game. 

Gods and Legends Mixes NFT Collection with Game Utility

The Gods and Legends NFT collection offers relatively easy access at a lower price range. The collection is tailored to gamers who are not ready to pay for overpriced, speculative NFT. The whole collection has been verified as a valid seller on Atomic Marketplace, the WAX-based NFT resale hub. The NFT work both as in-game utility and as collectibles for swapping, trading and holding long-term.

Cards and items have utility within the game, and even rare items can be acquired for under $5. This also means the resale price in WAXp tokens will not be exuberant, but owning NFT is also not prohibitive. Gods and Legends also has regular airdrops and raffles to win additional items.

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