VoxVerse to Release VOX Souls: What’s in the New NFT Type

VOX avatars will be playable in a growing metaverse. Souls change avatar features and grant new game advantages.
  • VOX avatars from TownStar, The Walking Dead and Mirandus will be the first to mint Souls.
  • VOX avatars belong to the Gala Games metaverse, holding a floor price of 0.67 ETH.

The holders of special edition VOX avatars on some of the top metaverses can now win a new type of NFT. 


Souls in the first mint will cost zero ETH and go to 888 winners owning Voxies with special skins. The soul NFT is a pack of attributes that will change the behavior and stats of existing VOX avatars.

What are VOX Avatars

The VOX NFT are collectible tokens in the VoxVerse, one of the projects of Gala Games. VOX versions exist based on some of the top Gala Games offers, including Town Star, The Walking Dead, and Mirandus. 


Earlier VOX owners had the privilege of minting the VOX Souls for free. The rest of the mint is open to the community. The Soul tokens will alter the experience and capabilities of each VOX within the metaverse. A total of 26,644 Souls will exist in total, of which the first 888 were already distributed on July 11.

Souls also have DeFi potential for eventual earnings. Owners of VOX avatars and Souls will have access to upcoming DeFi products, requiring action on part of the player. So far, the DeFi products have not been announced. Despite having a token model, the chief goal of Gala Games is to create another engaging metaverse and expand its brand. 

The VOX Souls will initially distribute only 10% of the total supply, only asking for ETH gas fees. The rest of the Souls collectible tokens will be sold on the open market. Each VOX avatar can switch Souls and buy new ones, picking out of a total of 12 personalities.
Vox Collectibles are one of the most actively traded NFT, with a volume of 25.2K ETH.

Even during the bear market, the avatars have a floor price of 0.67 ETH. The collection has 8.9K items, meaning each Vox character can own more than one Soul. Each Vox also comes with a FBX file to import into 3D editors and animate or include in 3D scenes.

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