Sunflower Land: The Goblin Trader Has Arrived

Sunflower Land (SFL) prepares for land expansion and battle mode coming in August. Goblin storage feature coming soon.
  • Sunflower Land almost reaches limit of 150K farms.
  • War mode coming after August update.
  • Peer to peer in-game market may be coming before the Stage 2 updates.

Sunflower Land continues to add small tweaks for complexity and to mop up game resources. The game continues to build up an internal economy, still constrained by the limited opportunities to sell the SFL token. 

The next upgrade was finally revealed after teasing with a new in-game structure. Seek out the Goblin Trader for more in-game deals, ahead of an upgrade for a player-to-player market.

According to the game’s roadmap, the open beta has completed almost all of its development stages. After adding chickens, the only game improvement left to build is a peer-to-peer market within the game. The new market will offer more active in-game exchanges, avoiding the extra step of listing products on OpenSea. Additionally, in-game rare NFT are barely selling on the open market, as Sunflower Land has not hyped up its NFT collections.

The next big upgrade for the game is coming in August, when land expansion will make farms more productive, with added customization features. Farmer PFP and avatars will be added, as well as war mode.

Sunflower Land Bans Users for Suspected Bot Activity

  • Stage 2 on Sunflower Land to arrive in August with farm expansion.
  • Growing number of NFT get banned for suspected bot minting.
  • Less than 3K farms remain to be minted, even more scarce with banned items.

The goal of Sunflower Land is to offer play-to-own, making farms the most valuable assets. However, players are also complaining of banned accounts and farms, based on a perception of dubious activity. Sunflower Land discourages multi-accounting and attempts at automated minting for farms, to keep most NFT tied to real persons. 

The game still allows automation bots for harvesting, but has banned the NFT themselves and had them labeled off-limits on OpenSea. There are currently 147.1K farms minted, soon to end the first limit of 150K NFT.

In the past few days, OpenSea displays the spreading bans, which are affecting more and more farms. Newly minted items with an identical price of 0.0041 ETH may be suspected for bot minting. This issue may also affect older users, posing a unique problem. Sunflower Land can ban farms despite the promise that NFT are decentralized and ownership cannot be blocked. In theory, the farm can be resold, but it can never join the game economy.

Sunflower Land is extremely wary of bots exploiting the game, as it had to shut down once after automated minting of in-game resources.

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