Toyoverse: New P2E Offering Early Adoption for Token, Digital Action Figures

Toyoverse, a game built around digital action figure NFTs, plans alpha PvP release by Q2.

Toyoverse is an up-and-coming P2E metaverse with the potential for early adoption. The project has so far only completed a private placement of its native token. 

However, a wider audience now has another chance, with a public sale scheduled for March 31. Toyoverse held a community vote to delay the sale due to worsened crypto market conditions. 

The cryptocurrency market remains unpredictable, with some fears of a longer bearish period. Still, at that time, multiple new games are attempting to sell both native reward tokens and NFTs. Toyoverse completed its private placement relatively fast on March 4. 

What Toyoverse Plans to Offer

Toyo plans to offer the complete play to earn package, spread out in a roadmap of milestones in 2022. 

The game will open with a mix of token placements and NFT bonuses, while also building its various play modes. At the heart of Toyoverse are the Toys characters, which can be customized and upgraded. 

Next come PvP battles, with alpha version expected by the end of Q2, 2022. In the meantime, the game will work on launching its various generations of playable characters. In Q3, a land sale mechanism will distribute metaverse plots.

Toyoverse Builds Digital Action Figures

The game model will be similar to that of Axie Infinity, though with features specific to Toyoverse and its customizable characters. To speed up its marketing records, Toyoverse will also print comics based on its characters and offer physical representation of Toyo characters. Toyoverse has created a concept of “digital action figures”, which can be built through body part NFTs. 

Toyoverse items are still not present on OpenSea, and the game is in the early stages, when owning the token and genesis collections will require months of holding even in the best case scenario. The attraction of Toyoverse hinges on the potential of joining the game’s metaverse early for potential perks down the line.

Toyoverse is developed by Lucid Dreams, a Dubai-based game studio. The game will use the Polygon network to avoid high gas fees.

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