HashLand Boosts Game Content for Current Season VIII

HashLand offers short seasons with new PvE level content.
  • HashLand combines NFT sales with a share in mining power.
  • Game is completed and available for download, on track to finish eight seasons.

HashLand is a trending BSC game that offers a mix of real and digital resources. HashLand combines gameplay with real-world mining farm income, offering a redistribution of earnings through a DAO. 

HashLand is currently trying to rebuild its player base, as even during peak times in November 2021 the game attracted 1,000 on-chain users. The game is also played as a free downloadable version, possibly hiding some of the activity. 

HashLand organizes 13-day seasons, the latest one ending June 25. New PvE missions will be offered, as well as HC token awards for the PvP leaderboard. This time, the game team increased the PvE chapters to 20, offering new content and challenges.

HashLand Offers Adventure, Shared Mining Income

The game offers Hero NFT in four classes, each with their own unique capabilities. The twist is that for HashLand, each NFT is also backed by real HC and BTC hashing power. In effect, buyers and game owners have a piece of the hashing power secured by the game team, in a real-life location with mining rigs. Owning an NFT grants access to BTC rewards for all the time of holding.

BTC mining is not guaranteed and income may depend on the efficiency of the HashLand farm. Still, this game has one of the more promising P2E models, backed by additional value. The price of mining 1 BTC can go as low as $6,000, meaning most farms are currently in profit.

The gaming platform also has a complete GameFi scheme, in addition to Heroes, Game Items and Props. HC is a traded token with a pair on PancakeSwap. The asset is already owned on 18,220 addresses. HC has been extremely volatile, starting out at above $530 only to drop to its current levels of $0.71. The native token is also used to purchase Hero cards, with an 18 HC floor price.

HC also offers a riskier form of staking, or liquidity mining, by depositing both HC and BUSD to the PancakeSwap trading pair. The asset is still waiting for more listings to achieve better price stability.

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