HelloPets Brings Full Gamified 3D Metaverse

Hello Pets offers a peaceful metaverse, as well as superpower battles, along with 3D augmented reality avatars.
  • HelloPets takes over from the Battle Pets legacy game.
  • Players can get PFP avatars for free based on the Meow Meows collection.
  • The PET token must migrate from BSC to Ethereum by February 28 for legacy owners.

HelloPets mixes several trends in Web3, starting with a collection of cute 3D pets. All items are also enabled for augmented reality, giving a fun activity to owners. The game’s end goal is to build an interactive metaverse with building and adventures, and make it compatible with other NFT collections. 

HelloPets is a rebranded effort, taking off from the previous team and the former game Battle Pets. In the coming weeks, the new project will build upon Battle Pets legacy, including the PET token.

HelloPets is a high-grade game with complex animation, battle mode and multiple quests. Recently, the game showcased the addition of 3D playable characters from the Bored Ape collection. 


But HelloPets goes beyond the game and turns into a digital ownership club. The metaverse has the goal of setting up the stage for chill lifestyle builds and designs. 

The game also offers comics, content and physical merch to build up the cute stress-free brand. The main collection of cute Cats includes a growing list of unique art. 

HelloPets Brings Avatars, 3D Characters, Physical Fashion

The Meow Meows, as the cats are known, were recently released in 3D, and will give rise to the immersive game, as well as 3D printing models, mystery boxes with physical toys, metaverse usage and augmented reality. Outside of minting an NFT, all players can get a free PFP based on the game’s main collection. The Meow Meows are also showing up in partner games, this time as a voxel avatar. 


The game also uses the PETS token, which has the goal of driving engagement with content, art, mini-games, the metaverse, physical fashion and other game features. In mid-January, the PET token migrated to Ethereum, while the game’s NFT for now remain on BSC. Owners of PET tokens have until February 28 to migrate to the new network, and the remaining tokens will not be valid. Players must use a special address to send their old BSC tokens and get new PET on Ethereum.

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