Illuvium Brings New Roles for ILV Holders, New Land Sale Coming

Illuvium is moving to a game-first approach after spending years as a DeFi-centered game.
  • Illuvium is building a new land-based gameplay for resources.
  • Five tiers of land coming soon in Illuvium Zero.
  • Special roles for land owners and ILV token holders.

Illuvium, one of the closely watched game projects in 2022, is now aiming to find new utility for its ILV token. Even during the bear market, Illuvium was building up its complex metaverse. Recently, the game also launched its Overworld Beta for exploration. 

Now, the team is looking back at its native token, which lost most of its DeFi utility during the bear market. Both ILV holders and land buyers will have a tool to prove their identity and ownership and possibly have more advanced roles in the game’s Discord community.

Illuvium land only has utility within the range of the closed beta, which still limits the outreach of the game. Illuvium is still down to a few dozen interactions with its smart contracts, with limited NFT resales. The game is still using Ethereum through ImmutableX L2 scalability, to avoid gas fees.

The price of ILV is now down to $39.42, still close to the lowest range. ILV is mostly used for staking, though some were forced to hold as their funds were locked away for months following a smart contract hack.

New Land Sale Coming to Illuvium

In addition to Illuvium Overworld, another game will aim to bring real users. Illuvium Zero will be the resource-driven element of the game, turning the game into a simulated resource map.

Illuvium Zero will be open to all, using the main art and concepts of the space exploration game. Yet this will give Illuvium one of the more successful models, simulated farming. Land plots in the Illuvium Zero map will define the productivity of players.

Illuvum is still working on its main game, where animated Illuvials will meet in battle. Illuvials are highly complex NFT with 3D images, though once again they are still in the trading stage and have no in-game usage.

Illuvium is now trying to offer more playable options after years as a DeFi game and NFT collection. A productive loop for resources may boost player engagement.

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