Illuvium (ILV) Moves to Unreal Engine V5 for Upcoming Beta

Illuvium (ILV) sinks under $200 after latest market downturn, but game development continues.
  • GameStop NFT marketplace to onboard Illuvium NFT items.
  • More players added to closed beta, still no fixed date for public launch.
  • ILV sinks to $180 after market correction affects all assets.

Illuvium (ILV) will upgrade its game, building for Unreal Engine 5 after a recent upgrade. The game is currently in closed beta testing, though it has onboarded almost all signups for the early version. 

Illuvium Balances Active Development with Lower ILV Market Price

Illuvium remains one of the long-awaited games for 2022, and its community has questioned for months its readiness to release a product. In the meantime, ILV worked as a staking and DeFi project, hinging on ILV staking. ILV unfortunately tanked by nearly 20% in a day, down to $180.03, wiping out potential gains. ILV locking is for relatively long periods of up to 12 months, exposing stakers to market risk.

On the positive side, the Illuvium team works on the game’s graphics and characters for a more advanced 3D RPG experience. Recently, the game also completed a successful land sale in partnership with Immutable X. For now, land owners will have to wait for passive returns from their land being used within the game. 

Currently, Illuvium reports between 20 and 300 users, as tracked by DappRadar based on Ethereum smart contracts. But this engagement reflects NFT resales and deposits to the ILV staking pool, not reflecting actual in-game activity.

The game’s own data show there are a total of 7K testers for the early Beta version, after adding another 2,500 players from the waiting list recently. 

Illuvium Goes to GameStop NFT Marketplace

Illuvium NFT, known as Illuviuals, as well as land plots, may soon appear on the GameStop NFT market. 

Immutable X has partnered with both Illuvium and GameStop for NFT minting, leading to the partnership. GameStop joined the NFT space after gaining notoriety with the most epic short squeeze caused by the Reddit WallStreetBets community. Since then, GameStop has added to its fame by attempting to tap the NFT market. 

While the NFT market is slowing down, GameStop is also active with other gaming activity, while also bringing popularity to its affiliated collections. The GameStop marketplace is yet to be populated by items for sale, but they will most likely come from collections minted and carried by Immutable X.

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