Illuvium Plans New PvP Beta Release for November 28

  • Illuvium receives mainstream platform with Epic Game store listing expected soon.
  • The Illuvium closed beta will expand with a PvP feature. 
  • Illuvium remains one of the more advanced 3D games with NFT and a token.

Illuvium is adding another step to its growth, while also onboarding more players to its closed beta. From November 28, Illuvium will release PvP Beta 3.0, adding a competitive element to its metaverse game. Illuvium has continued in closed beta, adding new players, and the November 23 launch will be another step in the direction of mass adoption.

The new game release also follows the selection of a new Game Council to deal with the future of Illuvium. 

Illuvium Tries to Shed Bear Market Blues

The Illuvium brand is still serious about mass adoption, and has produced a playable 3D game with complex characters. The goal is to go beyond the ILV token GameFi element, as well as merely collecting NFT. 

Illuvium has been added to the Epic Games store, potentially reaching millions of players. Illuvium showed a game fully compliant with mainstream gaming, while retaining its Web3 features for legacy players. There is no NFT requirement for new mainstream players to own an Illuvial NFT or ILV tokens. 

Illuvium will offer a triple gaming experience. The Arena mode will be the source of competitions, where players will pit Illuvials against each other. Arena mode will coincide with the Epic Games listing from November 28. 

Additionally, Illuvium is expanding access to Overworld, a 3D metaverse and creature hunting game. Illuvium also built a 3D city metaverse game, available as a desktop version. New players through Epic Games are not banned from purchasing NFT or ILV tokens, though the game is listed with a warning. Illuvium is also considered an early-stage game, expecting changes and additions. 

Following the listing news, ILV tokens had a price rally, expanding from their lows around $44 to range between $79-$81. ILV is still far from its peak above $1,000, but has retained some of its trading volumes and may be profitable for later adopters.

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