Nakamoto Games to Integrate with TON in November, New Tournament Opens

Nakamoto Games users will be able to connect their accounts to Telegram and access games and NFT features from the chat app.
  • Nakamoto Games may become accessible through TON wallet and Telegram.
  • Telegram turned into a key communication hub for Web3 and NFT communities.
  • Nakamoto Games opens mini-tournament with $500 prize pool.

Nakamoto Games, one of the liveliest hubs for Web3 mini-games, is integrating with TON, the Telegram native token. TON is gaining importance in the Web3 ecosystem, as Telegram remains one of the top modes of communication for crypto, NFT and Web3 projects. 

In November, the NAKA token will be introduced to all TON users, potentially reaching 800M Telegram clients.

Nakamoto Games may become accessible directly through Telegram. The TON wallet is also evolving with new tests, making it possible to access Nakamoto games, competitions, and the NFT market through a single account. With this partnership, Nakamoto Games may bring play-to-earn directly to Telegram, securing an inflow of new players after a prolonged bear market. 

All existing Nakamoto games users can synch their accounts with their Telegram and TON wallet accounts. The full features are expected in the first couple of weeks of November. 

The news helper brings Toncoin (TON) back above $2, close to its one-month peak. TON is one of the tokens that switched to Web3 and is now trading 30% below its peak. 

Telegram is also home to a set of sniping bots, which allow users to bet on rapidly trading assets. Automated trading is reflected in the price of sniping bot tokens, giving all holders exposure to riskier markets without the need for direct trading or technical knowledge. Telegram bots perform fast trading actions, such as becoming the earliest buyers of newly minted assets.

Nakamoto Games Opens New Mini Tournament

While waiting for the Telegram integration, Nakamoto games is also true to its usual service. A new prize pool of $500 is available for a newly opened Naka Strike tournament.

Nakamoto Games is also thriving due to recovering P2E usage in Thailand and Southeast Asia. 

The Nakamoto Games hub remains one of the top game collections on Polygon, drawing in users with low-cost transactions. NFT ownership may be required, and some of the mini-tournaments require game passes. Nakamoto Games thus ensures a sustainable prize pool for each competition. 

Nakamoto Games is also targeting developers and works as a publishing platform, offering anyone to deploy a game, offer earnings, and gain commissions with NAKA tokens.

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