Noft Games: Hurry Up to Join the Giveaway

Noft Games is a brawler-style battle game with playable NFT avatars.
  • Noft offers free-to-play Blitz mode, with 60-second matches.
  • The in-game rewards go to top players, using BNB, DOGE, BUSD, USDT, and USDC.
  • Noft Games offers creators to launch their own Noft collections.

Noft Games is rising among P2E games on Binance Smart Chain. Now Noft has opened another challenge to earn $300 in USDT and five NFT items from the game. The giveaway requires actions on social media and will run until October 12.

Noft was also noted for being one of the big gainers among P2E tokenized games. In the past 24 hours, the game’s social media saw a peak of activity. Noft Games is yet to take off, but may be added to the list of trending projects with the potential for NFT appreciation and user growth. 

Noft Games Now Out for Two Years

Noft Games is already launched, with a two-year history of active gameplay. Noft Game reports up to 5K players per day, though with fewer direct interactions with its smart contracts.

The game requires the minting of a Noft character, which is used to pick a game strategy. The items are sold in BNB or DOGE tokens, as Noft Games does not have a native asset. The game also uses dollar-stabilized tokens USDT and USDC. 

For that reason, Noft Games also managed to attract players for the game’s qualities and battles. Minting a Noft happens at a fixed price. The game’s disadvantage is that all activities require a wallet and some knowledge of using BNB and Binance Smart Chain. Noft Games is also a project showing that organic growth is still possible for P2E.

Noft Games does not pay out for idle games, but organizes regular tournaments with rewards in BNB and other tokens.

There are also weekly leaderboards with the best players, who share the rewards. Tournaments and battle royale mode all require owning an NFT with its specific features and strengths. 

The game also has a free-for-all Blitz Mode with a recently renewed interface. Blitz Mode offers 60 seconds of brawl mode, where players gain or loot Astron (ASTR) in-game tokens. ASTR is consumed for in-game shooting, and the game’s goal is to survive until the end of the match.

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