Meta Guardians: What’s Coming for the July Game Launch

Meta Guardians uses its NFT to build up the basis for staking and POWR rewards.
  • After a year as an NFT project, a playable version was promised to arrive in July.
  • NFT staking is the chief source of earning from the game.
  • Ming coming up for Sidekicks to improve game statistics.

Meta Guardians is an NFT-based game that started its marketing through a collection launch. The game is now preparing to launch its beta version, with a tentative date in July. Ahead of the event, Meta Guardians ramped up its marketing efforts and the steps to build a wider ecosystem.

The Meta Guardians product is now working on its animations and is backed by the dedicated lead developer of Plants vs. Zombies. Meta Guardians also focuses on the design of its Guardians and Villains. The game has waited for around a year in its pre-launch stage, while accruing a social media community. When it arrives, it will be one of the more complete P2E games with complex 3D animations.

Meta Guardians Relies on NFT Staking

In its current stage, Meta Guardians still plans on using Ethereum as its network of choice. The game’s chief assets are the NFT, which can also be staked. NFT staking earns POWR assets, which are not officially listed. 

Potential players can choose between Guardians, Villains, and Sidekicks, each giving specific bonuses in the pre-game period. The Sidekicks are coming soon in an extra mint, with three Tiers based on rarity. Having a rare Sidekick in the game will grant benefits to the game statistics. Rarity also comes with varied visuals, different for each Tier of Sidekicks. Players can choose to mint Tier H, which has a supply of 10,000 and randomly assigns rarity. Or, they can choose to mint Tier 2 or Tier 3 directly, though for a higher fee.

The chief disadvantage of Meta Guardians is that it will still require ETH fees, hence the need to onboard players already comfortable with crypto assets.

The advantage is that Meta Guardians arrived at a time when NFT trading was at its peak. Hence, the 10K collections of Guardians and Villains are both present on OpenSea. Guardians have already traded to the tune of 19K ETH, with a floor price of 0.04 ETH. Villains are a more recent addition, with a floor price of 0.024 ETH and trading still at 63.1 ETH.

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