MetaOps Updates Arrive for Capture the Flag Gameplay

MetaOps keeps building pre-launch features, adding new weapons and game mechanics for capture the flag.

MetaOps, one of the most complete shooter play to earn games, has introduced recent updates on mechanics and weapons. MetaOps is one of the few immersive first-person shooter games with play to earn potential. 

The team has been busy adding features, and MetaOps now has capture-the-flag test gameplay, as well as new weapons and customization. The game is still in pre-launch mode, but it is actively marketing itself as a worthy competitor in the play to earn space.

MetaOps is one of the rare games to build an immersive metaverse experience, while also harnessing the rarity and value play of NFTs. The game is just taking off, with 1,866 joining its Discord channel and 6,139 Twitter followers. 

MetaOps also had a recent rebranding in preparation for a wider launch. The game also builds a grass-roots community, and will offer a Founder’s Pass NFT collection for early access and incentives. The game is just now making the rounds on social media with giveaways as a tool to build up its platform, while boosting its presence as one of the promising games for 2022.

MetaOps Partners with Immutable X

MetaOps is one of the game headlines partnering with Immutable X, the scaling solution for blockchain records. Immutable X specializes in producing and transferring NFT items with no gas fees, and recently became the partner of GameStop, the cult gamer company. 

For now, MetaOps is still a pre-launch game working on its art, mechanics and other upgrades. For now, MetaOps offers the minting of NFTs, but will not release the art until it has migrated to Immutable X. 

MetaOps will also offer a partnership with a play to earn guild, potentially granting valuable playable characters without the need to mint NFTs. For now, MetaOps relies mostly on the value and burning of its NFT playable characters, while not supporting a reward token of its own. Instead, in the future, players may be able to convert in-game rewards to EARN, the native token of the Earn Guild.

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