Soulofox Launches SOULO Game Token, Prepares for 2023 Goals

Soulfox offers a free game, but earnings and rare mystery box items are available for NFT owners.
  • Soulofox offers perks for Gen0 and Gen1 NFT owners.
  • The game will offer a mix of mini social challenges, quests, game boss fights and missions.
  • Explore a 2D metaverse and collect mystery boxes with a chance to win rare items.

Soulofox is a new collectible Web3 game, centered around owning a Fox pet with special powers. The game started integrating its SOULO token in January, a new asset on the Solana blockchain. SOULO can be acquired for in-game advancements through Jupiter Swap, one of the leading Solana swapping services.

Soulofox is the product of Visionary Studios, a Web3 development hub. The next steps for the game will involve the building of its NFT ecosystem, with playable Soulofox pets, digital land and a marketplace.

The project team has already released its Gen1 NFT, which is only a small piece of the game. The roadmap ahead will turn Soulofox into a playable hub with ownership. Currently, Soulofox offers a basic browser game with free access.

Soulofox centers around a 2D metaverse, where players can pick quests and explore the land for resources. Players unlock Treasure chests, while also advancing with a series of mini-boss battles and the final boss of the game, Zadir. But not all tasks in the game are that demanding – Soulofox will also have a daily login reward. The game will be play-and-earn, though requiring an initial NFT purchase. 

NFT-Based Perks Coming in Q1 and Q2

In addition to the game’s adventure side, Soulofox will add mini-games for socializing. The list of mini-games is not finalized, and more will be added as the game progresses, offering 1V1, as well as multiplayer challenges.

Players that own NFT can stake them in the game for extra daily SOULO token rewards. The additional SOULO can be staked in the game’s special hub as well. The upcoming Backpack system, which is expected to arrive in Q2, will allow players to bring back their NFT to use in the game. 

Soulofox is still rewarding its Gen0 and Gen1 NFT holders, expecting a new airdrop of a mystery Egg. The Egg will hatch into a Soulo Pet to accompany the playable characters on their quests and missions. Pets will have in-game utility in changing the probabilities of items, with some advantages for Gen0 NFT owners.

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