MetaWars Arrives at NFT Minting Stage

MetaWars offers a circular economy with NFT and token staking to help with in-game RPG progress.
  • MetaWars is free, but uses Binance Smart Chain to add staking and passive income.
  • Mech, Planet NFT and WARS tokens used to advance in the game, GAM token used for fees.
  • MetaWars launches new mint through SOL payments on September 28.

MetaWars is MMORPG with a live downloadable app, which has just reached its NFT mint stage. Scheduled for September 28, the mint can grant early access to valuable in-game resources. The whitelist is still in its final hours, opening an opportunity to mint the game’s items.

MetaWars is using the older P2E model where the NFT collection arrives before the actual game. But buying now may mean perks or early access down the line. MetaWars will support two main types of NFT: Mech, the playable robot characters, and Planet NFT, the metaverse bases where players gain resources.

At this point, the game’s NFT may be relatively risky, as the game team is still working on creating a marketplace. However, the main app is already launched and MetaWars is trying to become one of the more active games on Binance Smart Chain

The RPG itself can be started as a free-to-play game. But owning NFT is the prerequisite for earning $WARS tokens. MetaWars is also building a GameFi element with land staking. Owners of Planet NFT, or in-game locations, can join the PlanetFi stake-to-earn platform and gain additional rewards. 

WARS Token Available for Staking

The game’s $WARS token is also meant to be held as an incentive to win Gamma (GAM) assets with utility in the game. Thus, early asset owners may have an edge in advancing. The value in the game will also derive from time spent in a space-themed economy, with the tasks of mining resources and building a robot fleet. 

GAM is an inflationary token with burn mechanisms and is used for tournament fees, upgrading items, fuel expenses, repairs, custom features and other functions. To gain access to more GAM, players can buy $WARS from PancakeSwap and Uniswap. 

WARS has traded since the end of 2021, rising above $0.50. Due to low-scale usage, WARS is now at $0.001, offering an opportunity to invest in the game at this range and reap advantages. The earnings inside the game may depend on market conditions, but owning tokens remains a tool to advance and access more exciting battles and tournaments.

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