Legends of RPS: This Game Offers Regular Gifts and Rewards

RPS Legends encourages users to achieve seven-day login streaks for special prizes.
  • Legends of RPS offers a simple game with an element of luck and prizes.
  • Players deposit USD or USDT, swap it for native tokens and contribute to the prize pool.
  • Daily and long-term missions bring special rewards.

Legends of RPS is a fully live, speed-battle game with a free-to-play start. The game offers fast-paced matches lasting no more than 2 minutes, for PvP battles and organizing tournaments. 

The game is also useful for regular encouraging airdrops and lucky draws. Legends of RPS uses a simple puzzle and idle game model to deliver content that could keep users engaged, both within the game and in using the game’s blockchain assets. The success of Legends of RPS arrives after a recent spike in activity in the mini-games on Gameta.


The game’s concept is simple – a digitized version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. But there is a catch- players must act fast and make few mistakes to win the top score. The game has a PvE version with a lucky spin, in which the player must guess the computer’s selection, and there is also a PvP mode. An additional lucky spin holds a pure element of luck and may double prizes. 

Additionally, players can choose to participate in missions to win free lucky wheel spins, or join tournaments. 

To boost its player count, Legends of RPS has a daily gift incentive for a login streak. 

The game is currently only available as APK download, but has managed to complete the mobile app stage. 

In-Game Earnings Rely on Bets

The game is not strictly a betting hub, though its reward pool comes from players. Each match offers RPTS in-game tokens earnings. The game offers to swap USDT for RPTS, requiring some knowledge of crypto purchases. 

The game also carries the LRPS token, which can be acquired for USD. With the two tokens, all in-game tasks can be upgraded and completed. 

From then on, the game is a mix of match winnings and quests to compete for bigger prizes. A seven-day login streak will also reward players with a special prize. Despite the game’s simplicity, there will be several combinations of winnings that will be eligible for prizes. 

This model of user-derived fees for matches is one of the ways P2E games avoid being depleted. RPS Legends also offers the potential for tournaments with a higher prize pool.

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