RocketVerse Aims to Bring Another Skill-Based FPS

RocketVerse bases its RKV token on Binance Smart Chain, with PancakeSwap trading.
  • RocketVerse is a game still in development, promising a FPS metaverse.
  • The game presented a trailer preview, while focusing on promoting its token.
  • RocketVerse will have a sustainable tournament model with battles to share a prize pool.

RocketVerse is a recently trending game, still in the presale stage. The project arrives late during a dynamic year for Web3 games, and is currently gaining exposure even as a pre-launch game. RocketVerse may be open for early testing and have the potential for airdrops and perks for early owners. 

Recently, RocketVerse showcased its game design in a short preview trailer.

The game is already partnering with CoinGecko for the price discovery of its RKV token. However, the presence of a digital asset is not a requirement for an upfront investment in the game. RKV is still trading at an extremely low price at $0.0000046, with some expectations of being move valuable after the game’s official launch in 2023. However, the game’s launch does not guarantee earnings and large-scale investments may not be the best approach.

But RocketVerse is more than a token project, with a 3D-rendered world offering survival and an immersive metaverse environment. The game follows a trend of releasing new FSP games, including BR1 Infinite and Ev.IO.

RocketVerse will have a varied set of characters, including robot and humanoid. Players will be able to select PvE singleplayer, PvP or multiplayer. The sustainability of the game will be assured by fees paid ahead of matches, where winners share the prize pool. 

RocketVerse Relies on Highly Active Promotion

RocketVerse is trending now mostly due to aggressive promotion, especially around the RKV token. The actual beta launch is scheduled for the later part of 2023. However, the game’s social media profile shows there may be interest in new Web3 projects, at least based on trends and visits. 

Currently, RocketVerse presents its potential with the goal of attracting investors into RKV, an unusual move for 2022 where new tokens are viewed with more skepticism. The token relies on PancakeSwap, the top Binance Smart Chain decentralized exchange, which offers limited liquidity. 

The best approach is to watch RocketVerse for upcoming giveaways and NFT, as the project’s NFT marketplace is still scheduled to launch in the near future.

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