Mirandus by GalaGames Celebrates 10K Adventurers Joining the Game

Mirandus reached its testing stage in 2022, with a playable part of its world expected in early 2023.
  • Mirandus hinted at a limited playable version arriving in January 2023.
  • The game has been part of Gala Games since 2020.
  • Mirandus aims to build an ambitious 3D fantasy world and additional mini-games.

Mirandus is one of the most complex projects by Gala Games, using the fantasy and history genre and an open world of exploration and resource play. Recently, Mirandus celebrated the 10K players milestone. 


In 2022, Mirandus was still at the testing stage, but already set the date for a playable version to January 2023. With this, Gala Games will have another high-profile launch following the live version of Spider Tanks. Mirandus has been awaited for years and offered some of its early building ownership at very high rates. But the game may be accessible even with more basic NFT items.

How Mirandus Stands Out

Mirandus is one of the long-awaited projects by Gala Games. The game’s goal is to become a play-and-earn feature, where the main goal is to build up game progress and content. Players can then own their items, land or Heroes as transferable, secure assets. 

Mirandus is one of the most ambitious MMO games in production in the Web3 space. The game features multiple terrains and buildings, as well as complex resources. All of those resources will be featured as NFT, possible to mint and resell, including special buildings, special boats and others.

Mirandus will also have five playable races with strengths and weaknesses. Like other Gala Games offers, Mirandus started with an NFT sale, which is still currently active. In addition to the epic game map, Mirandus will also offer a series of Tavern Games, or mini projects to play in PvP mode. 

How Gala Games Integrates Web3

Gala Games is one of the long-lived blockchain and game projects. With live games such as Town Star, Spider Tanks and Town Crush, Gala Games is trying to integrate its GALA token into multiple metaverses. 

Gala Games is a large ecosystem, where the GALA token is used for multiple purposes. The project also sells multiple types of nodes for passive income. Gala Games also offers multiple types of NFT in different media, including pass cards, images, music and recently, film. 

Besides games, Gala also allows anyone to own assets and receive royalties or other types of passive income.

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