Pegaxy Reveals Game Advantage with Pega Statistics, Stadium Conditions

Pegaxy (PGX) aims to make racing more transparent and revive its P2E model.
  • Racing advantage may depend on a horse’s elements and the effect of the stadium conditions.
  • Six more days to go until NFT airdrops in each race.
  • Corey Wilson takes over as CEO of Mirai Labs gaming studio.

Pegaxy released another set of data and observations to guide its players in having an advantage with stadiums and the best Pega NFT for each race. Pegaxy brought another appearance by Sophia, a guide to the interaction between Pega stats and stadiums. 

The interaction remains complex and still benefits big guilds with multiple Pega who can test out multiple racing combinations. 

Pegaxy is now struggling to make a comeback, after becoming less attractive due to unraveling VIS prices. Yet the Pegaxy team tries to add more attraction to the game and recently celebrated the breeding of 1M Pega NFT. 

The biggest change on Pegaxy is coming in just six days, when each race will have a varied list of NFT drops. Pegaxy revealed more details on the types of NFT and rarity to be expected.

Corey Wilson Takes Over Mirai Labs

Mirai Labs, the studio behind Pegaxy, had a shift in leadership. Corey Wilson, heading Pegaxy, will now lead the entire studio in its goals for Web3 products. Wilson replaces the former CEO, Ken Pham. 

Wilson is on a mission to improve the appeal of Pegaxy, after losing the initial game potential for regular income. Previously, Wilson also announced Pegaxy’s decision to delay the launch of metaverse ownership, where players would be able to own and rent out stadiums.

Now, Pegaxy added PFP as a way to encourage more participation, as well as a new type of NFT to be airdropped to racers. 

Pegaxy attracts just under 4K players per day, holding about $144.71K in value. The game has fallen behind, ranked seventh on Polygon. Despite its previous popularity, Pegaxy is not making a real comeback. The game was once considered a worthy competitor to Axie Infinity in its ability to generate income for guilds and scholars. 

PGX manages to hold onto levels around $0.012, while VIS continued its slide to $0.00005. Pega NFT have lost their previous floor price and depends on open bidding, while Pegaxy injected some value with high-rarity PFP collectibles.

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