Mones.IO: Another Next Gen P2E Game with App Availability

Mones is a battle game centering on guilds and collective strategies, as well as single player Hero-based missions.
  • MONES token uses decentralized trading since July, with limited price action.
  • Mones game centers around collectible Heroes.
  • Google App Store and iOS mobile versions available for free play.

Mones is a newly trending P2E game offering a completed app with NFT and token additions. Mones recently appeared on Apple Store as well, expanding its outreach.

Mones is an Anime-themed game, based on collecting Heroes, trading them, or participating in battles and missions. Holding the native MONES token will also grant additional NFT access. 

The game requires the gathering of Materials, an indispensable item to craft Equipment. Items from the equipment are also available to trade as NFT. For its Web3 elements, Mones uses BNB Chain, and has already managed to enter the top 100 games. Based on DappRadar data, Mones has been active since June, raising its player count to a few hundred per day. 

The game offers high-grade 3D graphics, along with a guild structure and various battle modes. Players can join guilds to have a higher chance of shared earnings for tokens and NFT.

MONES Token Still Gaining Liquidity

MONES is also a live traded token, active since July. MONES currently trades around $0.003, with little change from the extremely low levels. MONES is still in the process of adding liquidity to its trading, as the chief source of price discovery is a single liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. MONES is in the hands of 2,510 addresses on Binance Smart Chain.

High-ranking Heroes currently resell for as high as 0.1 BNB, while regular items ask 0.05 BNB or lower. The game is highly accessible with MetaMask wallet to connect to the marketplace, but is also free as an app. Mones already has more than 10K downloads on Google App Store, with limited previews on Apple Store. 

Mones is free to play and some of the items are offered as in-app purchases. For now, early players report bugs and slowdowns for the mobile version. 

Mones is yet another addition of a next gen P2E games. The game’s model is actually play-own-earn, strongly focusing on the in-game achievements and NFT Heroes. Another disadvantage is the 3% fee on the Marketplace to mint or resell a Hero or another item.

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