Monsta Infinite Brings Token Burn for Stability, Adds New Features

Monsta Infinite Tapwar offers nine classes of Monstas with attacks, defenses, soul and shield features.
  • Monsta Infinite brings a creature-based exploration and battle game resembling Axie Infinity.
  • The game is fully built, with a free app, native wallet and blockchain.
  • Monsta Infinite Tapwar offers battle against other players.

Monsta Infinite is one of the relatively older P2E games that is now trying to establish its presence and player count. Monsta Infinite recently added a series of updates and items, while also improving its tokenomics with a burn valued at $50,000.

Monsta Infinite is one of the attempts to recreate the success of Axie Infinity, with some similarities in design. The game has additional crafting mechanisms, but once again relies on card-based duel mode for its main action. 

Monsta Infinite Offers Full Product Range

Monsta Infinite has a fully live mobile app, with more than 10K downloads. With this, the game is a step ahead of Axie Infinity, which was only recently allowed to go through Google Play. 

In addition to the freely accessible app, Monsta Infinite Tapwar carries the MONI and STT tokens. Monsta Infinite also has a native wallet, bridges from other networks and a decentralized swapping mechanism for tokens. All the game’s assets also run on the native MonstaChain.

Monsta Infinite will have a mix of activities, including the building of Monstaverse, an infinite world. The game will include PvE mode, search for Monsta Crates, and Monsta Tapwar, the proper game of defeating opponents by using the right resources. In Tapwar, players must also hold a balance of Shield and Soul resources, which can be bought for tokens. The game’s Monstas also resemble Axies, with nine Classes and several active body parts for attacks and spells. 

Monsta Infinite Depends on NFT, Tokenization for Full Potential

The game has a fully functioning marketplace with 5,020 Monsta on sale, which can be bought with wrapped STT tokens, or xSTT. Outside the free app, Monsta Infinite Tapwar is heavily swayed toward blockchain usage, though this is well-integrated with the app and there is rarely a need for external wallets. The game aims to onboard Web3 users through offering a seamless wallet and account creation.

Like Axie Infinity, Monsta Infinite Tapwar targets the market in Southeas Asia, offering a new token earning and NFT mechanism for potential profits.

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