Monsterra Holds Multiple Special Events Open

Monsterra offers a mix of idle resource play, PvP defense and attack, and upcoming arena mode.
  • Monsterra has opened Season 2 with PvP mode and battles.
  • Events are ongoing for $MAG and $MSTR earning and spending.
  • Monsterra to add mobile version and become multi-chain game after picking Avalanche.

Monsterra is a game to be added to the watchlist in 2022, as the game now holds open multiple special events. Special and rare NFT will be the main perks for all events running through to the beginning of October. 

The heightened activity from the mini-tournaments also brought Monsterra to the top among the most active P2E apps. Currently, BSC remains the only carrier of Monsterra, but an Avalanche version is expected in the future. The switch to AVAX may arrive by the end of the year, as intended in the game’s roadmap.

The game went fully live as a PvP game this September 22, with earnings available for battle victories. The game’s tokenomics hinge on MSTR and MAG tokens, in addition to the resale of NFT items. 

Monsterra has opened Season 2 with PvP mode, running until October 23. In the coming days, the two additional events for MAG and MSTR tokens may affect the price of the assets. MSTR is currently stagnant at arround $0.24, while MAG had a recent rally to $0.004.

Until October 23, Monsterra is also accelerating its referral program.

Players can now start battling and use their wins in some of the recently launched exclusive events. The game is now ready with its Battlefront Mode, where players attack and defend their land plots. 

Mobile Version the Next Step for Monsterra

The Monsterra game aims to move beyond idle farming or resource gameplay. After completing PvE and idle gaming, as well as PvP mode, the game will also add an Arena dimension with more earning opportunities. 

One of the next steps on the roadmap is also the upcoming mobile app, which will boost Monsterra adoption. The game manages to complete its intended achievements, despite the loss of the Terra blockchain after the crash of Luna.

Toward the end of the year, Monsterra may also add a desktop app to tap all styles of play. In addition to battles, Monsterra will add gameboss challenges.

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