MoonStrike Game Counts Down to Public NFT Mint

MoonStrike is an upcoming game in closed alpha stage, offering potential for early access to 5,555 NFT.
  • MoonStrike will offer early access and a wider mint at a higher price.
  • The game ran a recent pre-alpha tournament to test its gameplay.
  • MoonStrike partners with multiple game and mint hubs to gain players.

Just days after successfully ending its first tournament, MoonStrike is now preparing for a public NFT mint. Whitelisted buyers can get an offer of 0.04 ETH per mint, with a maximum of three items per wallet. The game is in the pre-alpha stage, with some capabilities for playing.

MoonStrike is a game in development with some of the features released. The game will offer multiplayer mode in a complex high-grade game world, including base building, resource gameplay and battles. 

Despite going game-first, Moon Strike also wants to add digital ownership, though without overpriced NFT or competitive bidding. All items are only sold for screened and whitelisted buyers.

The NFT will launch through ImmutableX, to avoid using gas fees. However, presence on the Ethereum network will mean the NFT can be listed more seamlessly to OpenSea or other markets. 

The NFT sale registration is still open until October 21, and wil grant the right to buy the items first at a discounted price. A public sale open for anyone wil start from November 2, when the price per NFT will be slightly higher at 0.05 ETH. 

MoonStrike plans to give away 999 total whitelist spaces among all the registered accounts, which will gain priority access to a collection of 5,555 items. All the NFT will represent the game’s characters, with high-quality 3D animations. All items will have a staking option and a potential to affect the game’s economy.

MoonStrike Locks Multiple Partnerships

MoonStrike will partner with multiple NFT launch platforms and game hubs, in an attempt to reach more players. The game has also received a Microsoft Azure grant for its purposes of running a blockchain component and other cloud-based services.

MoonStrike shares the Fractal platform with other high-activity games like Ev.IO and WidiLand, while also listing prominent tournaments and upcoming mints. MoonStrike joins a growing list of game-first Web3 projects that also try to add NFT in a way that does not overload buyers.

Fractal will also carry Reigh of Terror and Project Eluune in the coming days. NFT mints can grant early adopters a leg up in the game economy, as well as in the RPG progress, if their character has special features.

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