NFT Champions Unrolls Playable Characters Marketplace

NFT Champions opens a marketplace for its playable 3D champion characters, preparing for limited game launch.

NFT Champions has now opened its marketplace for tokenized playable characters. The game expanded its social media presence after the announcement, also causing an uptick in the price of its native token, CHAMP. 

For NFT Champions, the 3D avatars and potentially playable characters will arrive in regular mints, leading up to the beta launch at some point in 2022. NFT Champions aims to become one of the most complete MMORPG in play to earn space, powered by Unreal Engine 4. 

NFT Champions was built by US-based SIGMA Studios, and its CHAMP token was launched by the TrustSwap platform. NFT Champions is not presented on OpenSea as of February 2022, so any items outside the native marketplace may be derivative and hold no value.

NFT Champions Offers Complex Game Mechanics

Before its launch, NFT Champions has already set the expectations for its game mechanics. The ecosystem aims for engaging PvP and PvE battles, with the added potential for upgrades. Training characters and leveling up will be possible throughout the game. 

Currently, CHAMP and the NFT collections will be the only source of earnings. CHAMP is an already tradable token that can be staked and used to boost character statistics in the future. The game’s early access for NFT owners should be available by the end of Q1, 2022, according to the roadmap and assuming no delays.

NFT Champions will be built on the Polygon network and save on gas fees. There will be no limits to minting, but Champion eggs will come with pre-programmed rarity.

CHAMP Market Price Still Depressed

The relatively long time to launch the game has taken its toll on CHAMP. The Polygon-based token mostly trades on, hovering around $0.12. The asset peaked at the end of 2021 at above $1.07. With added listings and increased usage, CHAMP has the potential to break above its lows. 

CHAMP still does not have a bridge to other networks, though NFT Champions has the goal of becoming a multi-platform game.  

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