NFT Worlds Displaces The Sandbox as Top Metaverse Land Brand

NFT Worlds opened on Polygon and saw its daily sales overtake The Sandbox in terms of floor price and trading activity.

NFT Worlds, the Minecraft-compatible multiplayer world, moved to the top position for metaverse land NFT sales and re-sales on OpenSea. The platform achieved this result just days after announcing it is opening up for gas-free transactions on Polygon.

Over the past week, interest in NFT Worlds picked up, raising demand by nearly 200%. The floor price is now close to 17 ETH. At the same time, The Sandbox sales tanked, with demand set back by more than 30% in a week. 

Alpha Release Date Boosts NFT Worlds Demand

The extra interest in NFT Worlds coincided with the weekend’s release of alpha gameplay. In a guidelines document, NFT Worlds for the first time gets closer to full usage of its limited land plots. 

NFT Worlds will allow for complete game creation within one of the 10,000 limited metaverse land plots. Players can choose to build by themselves or hire verified professional builders for different game modes, mods, or other custom features. 

Because of the high price of land plots, NFT Worlds will also offer a land rental option, similar to scholarships for play to earn. 

World ownership can confer special voting rights within the game. Worlds can be staked in exchange of one non-transferable voting token per each metaverse land NFT. Staked worlds are still playable, but not immediately tradable. Their owners can vote on the distribution of reward tokens within NFT Worlds games.

WRLD Token Added to Best Worlds

Some of the most well-developed land plots, with meaningful games, quests, or social experiences, will be able to install a faucet for the WRLD token. This will incentivize more players to join the particular world. 

WRLD has been tailored for gas-free transactions. Worlds can also add other reward tokens, but this may increase friction. One possible workaround as advised by WRLD is to add a liquidity pair to switch to WRLD tokens and achieve a more unified asset profile for the metaverse. 

WRLD Token Sets All-Time High

The announcement of upcoming test gameplay has helped WRLD climb to all-time high valuations. WRLD peaked at $0.60 on February 19, then retreated slightly to $0.55. 

WRLD is still risky as it mostly depends on UniSwap V3 pairings but still managed to expand its trading volumes to above $9M per day. 

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