Ninneko Game Unleashes Next Edition of Arena Challenge

Ninneko players can start the game for free and accrue balance of in-game tokens and NFT.
  • Ninneko launched Arena Challenge 8 in PvP mode.
  • The game offers free access with the potential to retain the best Neko NFT.
  • Ninneko offers a mix of arena battles and resource exploration.

Ninneko is turning into one of the high-exposure games, which has a complete mobile app and presence on BNB Chain. Ninneko is about a year old, and during that time has managed to retain a solid number of players per day. A few hundred players interact with the game’s smart contracts on BNB Chain.

Now, Ninneko is trending again with a new arena tournament. The game organizes regular PvP edition challenges, to add to the regular resource and upgrade game.

Ninneko uses Neko NFT, or can be started for free. The game includes an ongoing adventure with challenges, where players collect items to upgrade. Nekos also brings daily rewards in MATA, the game’s native token. 

What Makes Ninneko Hot

Ninneko has the advantage of a relatively simple game, fully launched as a mobile app. With more than 100K downloads, the game is among the more successful compared to other P2E features.

The game also offers a start with no NFT purchase and gradual upgrading over time. Players can acquire Neko cards along the way, which will potentially boost their in-game powers and earnings.

Ninneko offers a mix of exploration and PvP challenges, somewhat similar to Axie Infinity. Neko can also be equipped or upgraded using fish. The game requires constant foraging for resources to boost the chances in battle.

How Ninneko Brings Web3 Potential

The Ninneko fandom mostly centers around actual gameplay. The game’s NFT are available within the game, and have minimal representation on OpenSea. Yet the Ninja Cats are still one of the game’s main selling points, and there is demand for rare and good-looking Nekos.

Ninneko is currently in a breeding competition, where players can generate and retain good-looking Nekos to use in play or in the marketplace.

The game app displays the NFT, their point score, and offers players to convert to MATA tokens within the games. MATA tokens trade at an extremely low price, but can be useful to return to the game and possibly equip the Neko or upgrade.

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