Reta Wars Version 1.0 Gains Activity After Official Launch

Reta Wars was one of the long-awaited games on Binance Smart Chain.
  • RETA tokens retain value, trading at $0.56, up 100% since the summer despite corrections.
  • Reta Wars will build two warring DAO factions competing for prizes.
  • NFT Heroes grow as the game progresses and bring more earnings.

After a long countdown, Reta Wars released its first official live version. The game remains accessible, despite a recent attack against the website. 

Reta Wars aimed for an earlier launch this summer, but finally managed to release its working versions months later. Reta Wars has a complex GameFi structure, where two DAO compete for resources and in-game success. But on the surface, Reta Wars is an NFT-based battle game with hired armies and resource-based exploration. 

The goal of Reta Wars is for each DAO faction to gain as much advantage as possible based on its strategies. Owning or hiring the right type of Hero is key, and players can upgrade the NFT to gain more resources faster. 

The launch is also reflected in on-chain activity, with eight specialized smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain. Immediately, the game drew in 167 users in its first day, showing there is still interest in new P2E games. 

Reta Wars still has to work on its growth, but it remains one of the closely watched P2E games with high rankings on social media. 

RETA tokens are also distributed to 599 addresses, with a relatively low supply of 30M tokens. RETA currently trades at $0.56, and is one of the few P2E tokens to rise in the past months despite the bear market. 

Reta Wars Launches with Long-Term Sustainability Goal

The goal of Reta Wars is to offer a sustainable world, known as the Retaverse, while retaining its players as part of the DAO organizations. The game’s NFT heroes progress in the way of traditional RPG, creating an incentive to hold and earn more during regular activities and quests.

The game will combine long-term planning and building with a war simulation. The regular battles will distribute a prize pool, where 75% of the pool will go to the winner.

Additionally, the game will be sustainable, drawing its prize pool from the NFT market. 50% of each NFT purchase will go toward the battle pool and will be shared among players. This will ensure that the payouts are matched to the game’s real revenues.

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