Oceanland: Newly Launched Free and NFT-Option Game with $OLAND Token

Oceanland recently unlocked a free version.
  • Oceanland is an NFT and DeFi game with a recently unlocked free version.
  • OLAND token listed on PancakeSwap.
  • Multi-chain version intended for the end of 2022.

Oceanland is a newly arrived free plus NFT game, with a recently listed native token. The game recently noted an inflow of users, as it is still in its first weeks after the release. The game is another sign that the P2E space remains lively and there are new offers to join and earn.

The game’s premise is to gather resources and survive on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. There are four major types of resources – water, food, wood and metal. Out of these, more items can be crafted and generated as NFT. The NFT items can then be either traded or staked for passive income.

Oceanland is based on resource gathering, and also has an NFT and a DeFi component. This makes the game slightly risky and more appealing to players that also understand crypto projects. For others, Oceanland is now live as an idle adventure game. The game has been on mainnet for more than a month, and recently unlocked a free version. 


At the same time, Oceanland has a DeFi hub for swapping its OLAND native tokens. The internal swap mechanism includes a small selection of tokens linked to the game’s ecosystem. Additionally, the game offers a referral program, as well as an NFT staking mechanism. 

OLAND, the name’s native token, is also present on the BSC blockchain, with 1,151 addresses. The asset also gained a recent liquidity pool on the PancakeSwap exchange. OLAND has been trading since mid-June, reaching a peak at $0.05 and sliding to the current range of $0.02.  

Oceanland Plans Mobile, Multi-Chain Version

Oceanland is also affiliated to Arpa Chain (ARPA), an alternative L1 scaling solution. But so far, the game has not given signs of migrating. ARPA tokens are only used within the game’s own decentralized swapping mechanism.

In the next quarter, Oceanland has planned the release of a mobile version, as well as multi-chain access to the game. A new NFT collection may also be released with utility in the game and potential staking benefits. The next roadmap stage is to launch Oceanland 2.0 toward the end of 2022.

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