Creature Hunters Runs with Recently Completed Marketplace

Creature Hunters offers several modes of earning CHTS tokens.
  • Creature Hunters offers native NFT marketplace with high asking price for Heroes.
  • CHTS token traded on Pancake Swap.
  • CHTS still in early stages, with few active players.

Creature Hunters is a recently trending game that integrated its new Marketplace to boost NFT activity. Creature Hunters combines a puzzler with an adventure game. The game relies on PvE and PvP battles, along with daily challenges, to give rewards in the form of NFT-wrapped experience. The game’s marketplace features playable characters with statistics to build up the battle strategy.

Creature Hunters has joined the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, and so far has one working smart contract. Creature Hunters Token (CHTS) is held in 5,941 addresses, though still with limited interactions and an unknown active user count.

The game is launched relatively recently and its early completion also means the team is handling bugs in real time. Players can download the available version, expecting to have some problems with NFT items or tokens. 

Creature Hunters Gains Exchange Exposure

The Creature Hunters CHTS token is one of the few assets to trade above its listing price. CHTS has been trading since April, becoming more active in the past month as the game added new players. 

CHTS trades around $0.12, after peaking above $0.20 in July. The token started trading at a level of $0.05 in April, just in time to gain attention and traction while the game added followers and players. CHTS has been an active gainer due to its low volumes, with the potential for short-term rallies. About 30% of the entire token supply is set aside for game rewards, with 15% in team treasury.

However, the token remains risky as its price discovery depends on a single liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. The decentralized exchange allows for even small injections of liquidity to move the token, or for sellers to crash the price. 

CHTS is currently acquired within the game by playing in auto-mode battles. The token is also won in PvP battles, as well as in mini-game challenges. Leaderboard ranking also brings token rewards.

The other source of income is NFT character resale. Currently, top characters are on offer for as high as 170 BUSD.

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