Hera’s Revenge Brings Activity to Avalanche with NFT Partnerships

Hera’s Revenge will first place its NFT items, and only launch after the sale of at least 80% of the game’s Warrior NFT, a collection of 10K items.
  • Hera’s Revenge is in the NFT stage, awaiting a new mint in Q1.
  • Skullios owners can transform their NFT for a small AVAX fee.
  • Both Warriors/Heroes and Skullios will appear in the final game.

Hera’s Revenge is an adventure game based on the Avalanche blockchain. The quest and dungeon game is skills-based, offering a 2D runner obstacle course. The game is loosely based on ancient Greek mythology, where the goddess Hera is trying to revenge her husband Zeus and meets varied obstacles and enemies. 

Hera’s Revenge is not yet released, and there is a 130-day countdown for the launch. But the project is highly active on social media, boosting the positions of other Avalanche projects. Hera’s Revenge is one of the games to watch in 2023, also for the opportunity to grab additional NFT or whitelisting spots on partner projects.

The game is especially focused on Avalanche NFT collections and other mini-games, which make the basis for the current giveaways. 


Hera’s Revenge is active with an early NFT collection, Skullios, which is used both for community building and as a key to future perks. Skullios is a collection sold in several stages, with another mint coming by the end of Q1, 2023. Skullios are also a transformable NFT, which will end up as the game’s main villain once it reaches the final form. 

Hera’s Revenge Puts Emphasis on NFT Ownership

Hera’s Revenge is also almost ready with the Transformation event, which in some ways resembles the approach to Mutated Apes or other mutated collections of NFT images. Early owners may also have to add an AVAX fee to transform their Skullios. 


Additionally, Hera’s Revenge will also sell 10,000 Heroes, which will also work as a Battle Pass once the beta version launches in Q2. Hera’s Revenge will use all NFT within the game in their animated form, and will build a skills-based challenge. 

The success of the NFT collections will also be tied to the game’s launch. In addition to the end date, the game will start when at least 80% of the NFT are sold. 
Hera’s Revenge will be added to the mini-games also created by the same team, Funciona84 on the Google App Store. The latest addition will arrive after years in development, as an organic growth project. Hera’s Revenge will arrive just as P2E games are reinventing their model and adding Web3 features of ownership and value-sharing.

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