Alien Worlds to Add Staking for Higher Earnings Potential

Alien Worlds is among the most widely used P2E games, showing the power of a relatively simple resource mining game.
  • Users to vote until May 5 for new forms of staking Trilium token.
  • Alien Worlds mostly uses WAX for gameplays, Binance ecosystem for trading and staking.
  • Grant for creators to encourage metaverse building, content, tech in support of the game’s ecosystem.

Alien Worlds, one of the most well-played P2E games, thinks of offering a form of staking for its native asset, Trilium (TLM). Until May 5, the game will be polling opinions on various forms of staking and willingness to stake within the game.

The game wants to set up new opportunities to stake TLM for passive income, in addition to NFT action and other earning mechanisms. The poll may inform the future of Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds is the top game on the WAX blockchain, where it derives the most players. On WAX, Alien Worlds has more than 157K players, using the no-fee transactions and a wallet that is more alike an account login. On Binance Smart Chain, Alien Worlds is ranked 17th, with under 700 players. 

Alien Worlds Metaverse is Coming

From May 16, teams and players will have access to community grants through the Galactic Hubs program. The resources will be available for members of the Alien Worlds community who have the skill and will to build metaverse scenes.

Grants will be available for Alien Worlds technical tools, bridges to other blockchain games, digital art, content, as well as real-world applications of the technology. The grants will range between 5,000 and 100K TLM.

How TLM can Benefit from Staking

TLM trades sideways for months now, standing at $0.07 without a significant breakout. Despite the small player count on BSC, this asset is highly dependent on Binance’s influence. The TLM/BUSD pair has a liquidity score of 809, with other pairs ensuring TLM can enter price discovery. 

But Alien Worlds players on WAX are also not necessarily crypto-savvy or interested in trading. Using WAX is also a more seamless way of playing a P2E game. TLM is also unchanged for long stretches of time, with almost no short-term pumps as it happens with other reward tokens.

TLM has limited options for staking with 0.5% annualized rate, which is very low and conservative. Higher return staking, however, may be riskier. Alien Worlds is a game-first project, which so far has not offered to add DeFi functions.

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