P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (February 24 – March 3, 2023)

P2E and Web3 games continue with NFT mints, but move away from high-priced collections, instead choosing giveaways and earning from within the game.

Web3 projects are taking over the earlier P2E gaming, offering game-first launches with tokenization at a later date. Overall, NFT sales and token offers are becoming less aggressive, and NFT are used as prizes. The crypto market retains relative stability, which has helped some of the tokenized projects. But in 2023, there are also well-financed teams offering new games. Blockchains and platforms realized Web3 is here to stay, and 13 crypto chains and scaling solutions were added as Approved Unity SDK providers.

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Illuvium Prepares to Launch Beyond Game on March 7

New hand-drawn art and a mini-game is coming from Illuvium, one of the top ImmutableX games.


Leading Games by Number of Users

Top P2E games retain their high user count. This week, Sunflower Land once again broke above 13.5K users, as its Treasure Island challenge is bringing back players. The event of digging for exclusive items, as well as social gatherings, are reviving th game. Other top games cling to a baseline level of players, with no significant peaks. Axie Infinity is winding down at the end of its Origins Season 2.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds231.83K210.33K
Farmers World64.94K67.25K
Planet IX52.00K61.69K
Sunflower Land13.75K
Axie Infinity10.41K8.88K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens slid slightly to $6.15B, on another week of relatively flat token price movements.

Upcoming Airdrops and Giveaways

NFT mints remain an important part of Web3 adoption. Projects are looking for easier tools to bring in as many users as possible. Free or earned NFT are displacing high-priced collections with a barrier to entry. 

The best approach is to designate a separate project for new mints, and store other items more safely. Avoid following links from direct messages. Minting gas and relisting fees may vary by collections and platforms.

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