Mobox Hints at Adding New Game to Portfolio

Mobox (MBOX) launches long-awaited Moland Defense Alpha Test until March 21. MOMOVerse mystery boxes now on Binance NFT.

Mobox, one of the top active Binance Smart Chain (BSC) games, has hinted at adding another P2E option to its portfolio. 

Part of the MOMOVerse, the new game experience will be called Moland Defense. Mobox sent out teasers about the game days ago, and launched the alpha test this March 10.

Along with the test game, Mobox gave a sneak peak of the potential of its MOMOVerse, in generating NFT in-game items. 

Mobox: NFT Farmer will run the test until March 21, with token and NFT rewards. Mobox: NFT Farmer is the second busiest game on BSC, with more than 45,000 players. With this, Mobox now invites more players than Axie Infinity and Pegaxy combined. 

Mobox now completes with the Bomb Crypto game, a spin-off from the highly popular Bomber game.

BSC also remains a top blockchain for P2E building, due to its low fees and accessibility to other Binance facilities.

MBOX Token Opens Staking Opportunities

MBOX, the game’s native and voting token, has lost about 50% of its value in four weeks, from a temporary high at $3.63 down to $1.87.

Still, MBOX is one of the more active tokens with a presence on the Binance International exchange. For that reason, MBOX also has special 90-day deposit facilities on Binance.

A similar staking or deposit is available through the Huobi exchange. MBOX has seen opportunities similar to Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and other P2E tokens for short-term deposits with potentially high annualized returns.

MOMOVerse Launch Questions Still Raised

One of the burning questions for Mobox is when the MOMOVerse will launch. The game has promised a virtual world with land sales and avatars, which is still in its early pre-launch stage. 

So far, Mobox has only teased about the MOMOVerse. 

The MOMOVerse is partially available as exclusive mystery boxes on Binance NFT. Mobox avatars and boxes try out for relatively high asking prices on the platform, and have a more limited presence on OpenSea.

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