Planet IX Introduces New Avatar Burn Mechanism, Affiliate Earnings

Planet IX to bring more new players by encouraging existing players to use their affiliate links.
  • Planet IX established itself as a top Polygon game, with more than 64K daily players.
  • The game offers resource gameplay and ownership of the map.
  • Affiliate links can bring in new players and offer lifetime commissions.

Planet IX is a complex game that established its presence among the top 10 P2E apps in the past few months. Planet IX has been busy with promotions and giveaways and is one of the high-profile projects that arose in late 2022.

Now, for active players with an Agents of Change badge, there is a giveaway with a chance to win an avatar pack.

Planet IX has a relatively active NFT collection, where avatars and items are trading in MATIC tokens, with nearly 600 ETH in turnover. However, Planet IX is also game-first, focusing on drawing in as many traditional players as possible. The game carries 64.1K players on a usual day, with spikes during peak activity. This helps Planet IX retain the top spot among Polygon-based apps and games.

Planet IX uses the Polygon blockchain and requires regular interactions via user wallets, hence the high transaction count. The game has a simple mechanic of offering a grid-like 2D world with exploration and resource management. 

Planet IX is free to play, but skews heavily toward NFT usage. The game is in its third mint for Cargo crates, which contain valuable items with in-game utility. Crates are relatively high-priced, at $200 per mint. 

The contents of crates will be randomly selected after Planet IX partnered with Chainlink for its random number generator.

Planet IX Opens Affiliate Program

Planet IX will offer one more source of passive income through its affiliate program. Players can now get a referral link tied to their game identity and wallet, and receive a lifetime commission or all in-game earnings, NFT, swaps and other player activities.

In addition to affiliate income, Planet IX holds regular giveaways and lucky draws for starter or advanced packs. The affiliate program will be tied to the multiple DeFi features of the game, for those that want to use the token model. 

Planet IX is tokenized with IXT tokens. Players can also own land plots. One of the important in-game assets is the Agents of Change (AOC) badge, which allows for potential perks such as the current lucky draw.

There will be no more AOC badge mints, and players can choose to upgrade their badge, or burn it for additional rewards and to diminish the supply.

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