Web3 Marketer Aggregates 240 NFT and Analytics Tools for Mainstream Developers

Web3 tools for NFT include minting, marketplaces, loyalty and reward tools, phygital NFT, wallet services and more, for speedier project development.
  • More ready-made tools keep coming to Web3, targeting developers.
  • Web3 is a growing business, more often used for monetization due to the convenience of wallets.
  • Web3 and NFT trading are picking up from lows in Q1, decoupling from the crypto market.

The global Web3 blockchain market has accrued more value since 2021, and is expected to keep growing in the coming decade. NFT sales also showed signs of recovering in Q1, 2023, with trading and prices rising from the lows in the past few weeks. Web3 tools are also increasing in popularity for monetization and ownership, as well as a marketing tool for building a loyal community. 

Token usage and wallets are becoming mainstream, hence the demand for more tools to attach those features to new or existing apps. Web3 Marketer is one of the aggregators in the landscape of new projects, offering a preview of existing tools to add Web3 features. 


Web 3 Marketer is an Ethereum-based project with still limited distribution. The hub still relies on promotions through social media, and is trying out its first mints. Web3 Marketer is a social media personality targeting brands, but also potential developers. 

Web3 Package: Which are the Top Web3 Features for NFT Marketing 

The growth in Web3 stems from the more easily available SDK and other tools to launch features. Projects no longer spend months to add NFT functionalities. 

The Web3 marketer preview highlights the top features, which include minting, trading, community and automation, as well as token-based exclusive content and gating. Other branches include Web3-connected advertising, tied to a wallet and identity.

Standard Web3 additions also include affiliate tools and referrals, as well as using tokens for loyalty or point collection programs. NFT with physical objects, or phygital NFT are also a growing trend. Phygital NFT also work during initial sales, as a more valuable form of ownership. 


Currently, building an NFT sale is becoming easier, with more tools to create native NFT trading stores. With the growth of collections, only the high-ranked ones are still viable for OpenSea and other large NFT stores. 

For games and smaller independent projects, having a ready-made NFT store may bring earlier liquidity and peer-to-peer trading.

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