Pocket Battles NFT War: Game with Multiple Revenue Streams

Pocket Battles NFT War is a newly arrived live game with in-game assets and a tradable token through MeVerse DEX.
  • Pocket Battles NFT War is an idle battler with free option.
  • Monthly and quarterly tournaments offer larger prize pools.
  • MeVerse DEX to grant liquidity to Pocket Token asset.

Pocket Battles NFT War is a highly active game with the potential for multiple revenue streams. The game offers a mix of yield farming, NFT trading and basic in-game token earnings. The game also organizes prize-based limited tournaments, recently completing a session based on leaderboard results. 

Pocket Battles NFT War aims to offer a free start with a casual battle game. Entry-level players can hope to learn a token amount, about $1 per day. However, the best players can compete for a quarterly prize of $290,000.

While free players can join the basic game, NFT holders have tournament privileges. They can join the monthly leaderboards to compete for a prize pool of $80,000.

The basic gameplay awards an in-game resource, Pocket Stone. This resource can then be swapped for Pocket Token. The generation of Pocket Token is intended to give a tradable and liquid asset, while also having a resource for in-game purchases. The other objective of the game is to upgrade Heroes and gain more valuable new NFT. 

Pocket Battles Relies on MeVerse DEX

Pocket Token only exists on MeVerse DEX, a branch of the MeVerse project, a relatively risky market. The asset is expecting to build up listings in the future. On the positive side, there is no need to buy Pocket Token to start the game, instead players can join the daily quests. 

Pocket Token also has the potential for liquidity mining, a rather risky tool for passive income. The game itself has a basic swapping service between Pocket Stone and Pocket Token. Heroes are also unlisted on OpenSea, and are available through the game’s native marketplace. Pocket Battles NFT War recently presented its collection of official links to prevent scams or malicious minting links. 

The advantage of Pocket Battles NFT War lies in the fact that the game arrived on stage as a new headline, but with a completed gameplay. The game also supports the MeVerse (MEV) token. The game is based on Ethereum for now, with no discussion of additional blockchains or a migration.

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