Pocket Battles NFT War Tournament Keeps Gaining Traction

Pocket Battles NFT war came to the top after its first tournament.
  • Win MEV, PT and Pocket Stones within the game.
  • Freely accessible mobile app with 10K downloads.
  • No need to buy NFT for starting the game.

Pocket Battles NFT is among the top trending P2E and NFT games, as its current tournament keeps attracting players. The game is actively scoring its leaderboards, standing out as a new offering with fresh earning opportunities and highly active NFT. 


Pocket Battles took off after announcing a highly active tournament, turning into one of the top trending games on Playtoearn.net, with significant player growth. The game trended strongly in the past week, lining up among top new arrivals in the P2E space. 

The game is also popularizing the usage of MEVdex and the MeVerse hub, as well as the MEV token. The game reports more than 10K downloads on its mobile version, but so far with no tracking on DappRadar.

To start playing, access to MetaMask wallet is needed, as well as MEV tokens. The game itself has been deployed on Ethereum, and may migrate in the future. 

What Makes Pocket Battles Attractive

Pocket Battles NFT War offers low but consistent daily earnings even without buying NFT. Players can try out the idle strategy and add $0.50 to $1 to their daily balance. At this stage, Pocket Battles NFT may even outpace older P2E games with a defunct token model. 

Quarterly tournament prizes, however, are much larger at $290K. NFT owners can participate in limited tournaments with a $80K prize pool. Additionally, players compete for Pocket Stone and can transfer it to Pocket Token, tradable to MEV tokens. The game’s biggest attraction is also that it is free to access and play immediately. 

The game’s season 1 will distribute 5M MEV tokens, of which 500K for the first place. MEV currently trades at $0.02 and is represented on Huobi Global and Bithumb. Pocket Token is still awaiting more listings, and for now has value within the game and based on MeVerse DEX. 


The token’s growth may boost earnings for some of the early players. Pocket Token growth also increases the value of seasonal rewards.

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