Sleep P2E Lifestyle App: Get Paid Crypto to Get Offline

Sleep app aims to encourage good sleeping habits and putting down the smartphone.
  • Sleep app is yet to be released for download.
  • NFT sale coming soon, whitelisting process open.
  • Game will add tokens and trading by the end of 2022.

Sleep is one of the currently booming apps, turning the idea of move-to-earn on its head. Instead of tracking motion or tasks, Sleep tracks offline time on the user’s phone. The game’s model is also known as “sleep-to-earn”, rewarding simple rest, as well as switching off the phone when driving.

The game is still in beta stage, preparing to release a downloadable app. Sleep aims to bring Web3 ideas with a simple app, where user activities accrue personal rewards. Sleep app is currently on BNB Chain, possibly gaining access to the Binance decentralized ecosystem and PancakeSwap.

The app will have three modes – sleep, driving and relaxation for mental health. The game is currently at the public beta stage, expecting a downloadable app soon. Sleep has set its goal to turn into a fully functioning Web3 social app by the year-end, adding multi-chain access, in-game trading and a wallet. 

Sleep may follow the model of move-to-earn apps, which offer NFT items and a game economy that onboards new users. So far, move-to-earn games have achieved high returns in the short term, but a crash as more players cashed out and there were no more buyers for newly minted NFT. Sleep app has the advantage to attract players from the start and build up momentum for token appreciation. 

Whitelisting Open for Sleep App Token Sale

Before launching the app, Sleep plans a token sale and onboarding through DAO Starter. The whitelisting process is now open for the early app supporters. 

The whitelisting ends this August 23, with four days to sell the initial game assets. Sleep will place NFT items as a source of funding and a marketing tool, with a preset sale target. 

50 whitelisted buyers will have to use USDC to buy the NFT items, in this case beds that will have in-game usage. The total NFT sale is relatively small, aiming for $8,000 in value. The whitelisting process will require a BSC wallet and address approval, as well as following Sleep App on social media.

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