Revoland Staking System is Now Live

Revoland offers varied avenues for passive and in-game income, with staking and trading potential.
  • Revoland is a relatively recent addition to P2E games.
  • REVO tokens can now be staked for passive income and extra perks.
  • Chain X Game published Revoland and aims to attract other NFT games.

Revoland, the MOBA and Battle Royale game, is also adding a staking system to expand its P2E potential. The game’s goal is to extend player revenues, while also giving additional in-game perks for staking. 

Revoland has completed its NFT marketplace stage and is live and available for download. But staking will grant extra value to its token and encourage more user engagement and long-term hopes for the game’s ecosystem. 

Revoland is a relatively new game, arriving in December 2021, close to the peak of P2E gaming and token valuations. The game launched its native token REVO even later, with only a couple of months in trading. 

REVO currently trades at $0.43, from a recent high above $1.45. Staking is exposing players to price risk, in case the asset continues sliding. However, staking can also grant new privileges within the game.

In addition to some predictable staking income, Revoland is also going the route of special events and tournaments. The game will hold a new leaderboard event with a more significant prize pool. The current challenge to win Revoland competitions will be open until September 21.

The game also offers LAND-based passive income, as well as rewards for holding NFT Heroes. This adds to special battle and competition rewards announced within the game. The game has six game modes in total, with four team-based types of play and two types of solo play.

Revoland is Flagship Project for Chain X Game

Revoland is published by Chain X Game, a specially created Web3 hub. The publisher also aims to build custom-made metaverses and offer a series of high-grade games with a blockchain element. Chain X Game aims to bring NFT and Web3 games to the mass market, following the model of successful traditional games.

Revoland is one of the flagship projects and a showcase for the opportunities on Chain X Game. The Web3 hub has also issued SDK to encourage project deployment. Revoland also taps the potential of Binance Smart Chain for its main tokens and assets.

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