Rise of Cats: Beta Launch Now Available in Casual Defense Game

Rise of cats combines casual defense with NFT characters and reward tokens to level up.

Rise of Cats is a brand-new cat-themed game with a P2E launch on March 30. The game is built with breedable cats and battle gameplay at its center, and is one of the series of games inspired by Axie Infinity.

Rise of Cats hinges on the NFT collection idea, where playable characters are built with a variety of characteristics. 

The game offers 40 different cats with attack skills and statistics. Players summon their teams with special abilities and level-up opportunities to defeat hordes of computer generated enemies. 

The game is now available in casual mode, with player battles available where each team battles the computer, but the goal is to outlast the opponent. The game is fast-paced, with one round taking about 3 minutes. Game bosses and exclusive achievements will grant rewards in the form of NFTs.

What’s in the Future for Rise of Cats

The game will have two native tokens, CATE and CatPay. CATE will work similar to Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the voting and staking token that also reflects the game’s value. 

CatPay will be the in-game reward token similar to SLP. It will be used to upgrade cats and items. In the near future, the game will also open a decentralized exchange, as well as NFT staking options. 

The difference is that CATE will also be earned in the game, and can be cashed out. It will be the tool to buy NFT items. CatPay will not work exactly the same way as SLP, and it will remain within the game system, as a way to upgrade cats. This way, Rise of Cats hopes to prevent the scenario of overproducing a reward token to be dumped on the market.

Rise of Cats is now available for download and cat NFTs have appeared on OpenSea. CATE is already traded on Gate.io, with a very low sub-penny price. CATE is reportedly distributed to 171,900 addresses on Binance Smart Chain, a significant feat for a game just launched. 

Now, Rise of Cats is set for another round of marketing to add players in its post-launch stage. Once the initial beta stage runs out, Rise of Cats has prepared for a version 1.0 and 2.0 launches.

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