Rise of Defenders Makes a Splash with High P2E Potential

Rise of Defenders prepares for updates in Q2 as it popularizes its heroes.

Rise of Defenders, a card-based battle game, is making the rounds in February 2021, with still significant ease of earning from the game. Rise of Defenders is having an active campaign on social media, with players pointing out this game can be started with almost no upfront investment. 

At the same time, buying a team of playable character cards can be as low as $50. Rise of Defenders has already released two game modes. 


The game recently went through maintenance and a restart, preparing for renewed adoption. The game encourages players to show their heroes as a sign of interest. Rise of Defenders uses four main classes of heroes with different strengths and weaknesses. 

The first quarter of 2022 was the most active for the game, with more heroes and highly active marketing. By the summer, Rise of Defenders sets the goal to introduce arena mode and other smaller additions. At the end of the year, building mode will be introduced. In the meantime, the game will be rebalanced for fair rewards. 

Rise of Defenders has limited offerings of only five items on OpenSea, with prices between 0.15 and 0.5 ETH.

For now, one of the setbacks is that most RDP is still locked in two addresses. The advantage is that distribution to players is still ahead, and RDP may go through price discovery. The total supply of RDP is 500M, a relatively small amount for a reward token, with the potential to reach a higher valuation.

RDP Token Trades with Extreme Volatility

The RDP reward token of Rise of Defenders started trading just over a month ago. Its price has then moved between highs of $0.13 and a recent level of $0.019. 

Most of the RDP activity still depends on PancakeSwap, the leading DEC on Binance Smart Chain. For now, data on the exact value and transfers of RDP are limited, and the asset is yet to gain more adoption.

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