Rogue Galaxies: What’s Coming to the Game in January

Rogue Galaxies allows players to go on missions based on their NFT ship level.
  • Rogue Galaxies is a space and planet exploration game, running its first live season last year.
  • Players received new Game Passes which will be further gamified in 2023.
  • Rogie Galaxies expands the list of Cardano Blockchain games.

Rogue Galaxies is one of the games to trend right off the gate in early 2023. The game is adding to the list of Web3 projects based on the Cardano blockchain, which only in 2022 started to add more active games. 

In late 2022, Rogue Galaxies started out with its season pass NFT mint, planning go integrate the paid participation in the next year.

With this, Rogue Galaxies becomes a Web3 game with a form of pay-to-win, though the pass is securely owned as a blockchain token. The Battle Passes dropped at the end of 2022, with the expectation of holding for future gamification. 

Rogie Galaxies NFT are minted and promoted with the help of NMKR, a newly created studio for Web3 adoption. NMKR serves as a launchpad for Cardano-based projects with more complex art and NFT features.

What Makes Rogue Galaxies Stand Out

Rogue Galaxies is already holding active seasons, ensuring engagement by selling passes for each season. The game is starting to resemble the model of Alien Worlds, where players use spaceships to go on missions. 

Each Season will also arrive with a different mission and specific map challenges. The game takes the model of exploration for resources and boss battles and stages it in 3D in space. The game will also include Planet Exploration, as well as an Overlap model. The more dangerous the zone of exploration, the more rare and valuable the in-game resources will become. 

Rogue Galaxies ship NFT are at the heart of the game’s progression. Players will go on missions and earn based on their ship’s level. The game is balanced to offer fun and progress at all levels, to avoid too slow grinding or pay-to-win.

Planets Offer New Range of Possibilities

Finding planets expands the game into multiple possibilities – simple exploration, missions and trading. Planets will also spawn enemies and game bosses. 

Planets will be needed to acquire resources and upgrade spaceships for more advanced gameplay.

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