Pegaxy Players Figure Out Statistics Advantage and Stadium Selection

Pegaxy winnings may shift, but there are patterns discovered by players to select a better mix of Pega statistics and stadium conditions.

Shortly after the launch of Pegaxy statistics gameplay, some players are already setting up strategies to grant a higher probability of winning. The recipe is not foolproof and statistics may change in the future, but tools are showing how Pega NFT stats and stadium conditions work together to create game outcomes.

The game is also preparing to absorb the extra Pegas created in the breeding event that is still ongoing and will end April 10. New Pegas will be granted a burn mechanism combined with a Vigorus (VIS) payment. Thus, VIS will become a token used to level up Pegas by combining two NFTs of the same type to get a higher type. 

Pega Breeding Boosts Demand for Scholars

Pegaxy plans to introduce tiered gameplay, creating an incentive for instance to burn Pacer type Pegas and create half the number of Rare types.

The breeding event has generated more than 594K Pegas, up from 440K just weeks ago, with a floor price of 0.009 ETH. The burning mechanism will cut into that number, once breeding returns to the usual limitations and cooldown periods. 

The large number of Pegas created is also expanding demand for scholars. Pegaxy lists more than 50 whitelisted Guilds and offers a safe Pega renting system to spread earnings. 

Token Prices Continue to Slide

The Pegaxy game now has around 8.7K users, down from above 11K a few days ago. Currently, the game is busier with breeding, but more active racing may be expected soon. Races grant 175 PGX and at this point, the asset is down, diminishing the dollar value of the prize. 

PGX is down to $0.16, extending its slide from the past weeks. Despite the demand for VIS in breeding Pegas, the asset is now down to $0.0055, falling off a cliff in the past day. One of the reasons is the extremely low liquidity for those assets, with almost no decentralized trading activity. 

The lowered market price of the assets is creating even more competition for winnings and an incentive to produce higher-tier Pega types to compete in the upcoming tiered game.

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