Rumby Stars Prepares to Launch Mini-Games Hub to a Global Audience

Rumby Stars is a newly trending game, offering access and a chance to win NFT and tokens for all players.
  • Rumby Stars is a mix of arena-mode battle tournament and mini-games.
  • Rumby Stars launched a mobile download version this May, now expanding regional outreach.
  • The game has gained support from Binance Labs and Animoca Brands.

Rumby Stars offers a simple-looking cartoonish game with NFT creatures, pitting their abilities against each other in team-based battles. Now, Rumby Stars is expanding its outreach, building toward international access. The latest Rumby Stars version arrived in early May, with the plan of expanding access to more regions.

The main gameplay of Rumby Stars is a 4v4 arcade game, a variation of Axie Infinity or Crabada battles. Rumbies are creatures from alien planets, which took the forms of household objects like cans of soda. But underneath, each Rumby Star has special abilities which can be used to advance in the games. Rumby Star also includes social gaming, with a live chat during the game, as well as social connections to organize teams. 

Currently, Rumby Stars is a game just starting out, while building up its Discord community. The basic gameplay is available through Google Play, with still under 1,000 downloads. Rumby Stars offers the chance for early adoption, joining the community and grabbing potentially valuable NFT. 

Rumby Stars to Become Mini-Game Hub

In addition to the battles, Rumby Stars will aim to become a multi-game hub, repeating the models of Nakamoto Games or Gameta, with 10+ mini-games as a roadmap goal by the end of 2023. In the next few months, Rumby Stars will expand its NFT events, add NFT mining, and finally release its open beta in Q4.

Once completed, players will be able to pick between Rumby Games, which are mini semi-idle games using Rumbies, or Tournament mode. In tournaments, teams of 4 can be formed, using the NFT of friends for a better chance to win the battle. 

Rumby Labs will also aim to be a fair game where anyone can earn NFT and tokens. One of the team’s intentions is not to allow pay-to-win.

Rumby Labs has gained support from Binance Labs, as well as from Animoca Brands, and is a game project with its main development showing confidence in the growth of P2E projects. 

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