SparqNet Subnet on Avalanche Invites Game Developers

SparqNet already hosts complex NFT projects like Bionic Owls, a 3D FPS with upcoming metaverse world.
  • SparqNet aims to draw in multiple apps with high-speed transactions.
  • Bionic Owls among first games to use SparqNet technology.
  • SparqNet launched as testnet, will become one of the Avalanche subnets.

SparqNet is becoming one of the more active Avalanche subnets, now aiming for more exposure and to draw in Web3 developers. SparqNet launched its testnet stage about a month ago, and now plans to join more actively in the Avalanche ecosystem.

SparqNet is yet to join the functioning subnets on Avalanche, which are a growing list. But the project has long-term goals of offering EVM-compatible environment and attracting its own batch of games. 

SparqNet Targets Multiple Types of Decentralized Apps

SparqNet aims to be composable and suitable for all types of apps in Web3, including games, DeFi and more. Building on SparqNet is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, though tools go beyond Solidity. 

SparqNet offers opportunity for builders in C++, Rust, Go, JavaScript and more. The goal is to give access to high-speed transactions and complete interoperability with smart contracts and other Web3 features.

SparqNet is a subnet, but also a meta-network, meaning it allows new enterprises to build blockchains on its infrastructure, with different tokens and rules. This allows for the fast creation of new chains with a small initial investment. SparqNet is thus similar to Cosmos or Polkadot, though there is no limit to the slots for new networks. 

Bionic Owls Builds on SparqNet

One of the first games to pick SparqNet is Bionic Owls, a play-to-impact Web3 product. The network is capable of connecting to a complex game with rich 3D adventures, while also offering active blockchain features.

Bionic Owls offers metaverse and socialization features, as well as competitive combat mode. The game is powered by NFT ownership, but also aims to be inclusive and onboard more players to Web3. Bionic Owls will also offer first-person shooter competitions. 

While SparqNet is still in the testnet stage, Bionic Owls is also early stage and has only opened its limited-edition NFT collection. Once fully developed, Bionic Owls will also support a metaverse with usable 3D avatars, fully owned as NFT. Bionic Owls is also part of the Sakaba loyalty program for Web3 owners and gamers.

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