Phantasma Chain Expands Web3 Toolset with AI

Phantasma offers a new blockchain with an overhauled NFT standard, offering composable, nested, and time-sensitive NFT.
  • Phantasma Chain draws in games with complex NFT concepts, offering its Smart NFT standard.
  • Phantasma Chain will also aim to bring in content creators and independent movie makers.
  • The niche blockchain offers mint-on-demand as each asset is created in the game or purchased.

Phantasma Chain is one of the relatively late arrivals, unveiling its toolset for Web3 builders in the past month. Now, Phantasma Chain is showing its evolution, with new approaches to building blockchain-powered apps. 

Phantasma Chain recently welcomed one of its first semi-idle games, Ghost Festival. The game offers a glimpse into the capabilities of the relatively niche chain to serve gaming projects.

Phantasma Chain has also focused on NFT opportunities and technology to create and launch collections. 

Phantasma Targets Developers, Content Creators

Phantasma Chain aims to become one of the solutions for all levels of developers, offering special events and training. In addition to onboarding more builders, Phantasma Chain is also showcasing its infrastructure for content creation. 

One of the goals is to allow the creation of niche video and independent films, with the ability to retain rights. Phantasma Chain also offers its Smart NFT standard for secure Web3 ownership. In addition to building tools, Phantasma Chain covers the whole lifetime of an app, from financing to launch. 

Smart NFT offer the ability to change content, while retaining the on-chain record of ownership. This creates evolving items with more potential value compared to fixed-image collections. 

Phantasma Chain itself evolved its NFT standard, making it different compared to other blockchains and the standard fixed-content NFT. Now, the niche blockchain is forging partnerships and helping create new types of collections.

Phantasma Chain NFT are also composable, meaning one NFT can be made up of different parts. For instance, craftable items in games can have all of their components as NFT as well. The feature has been tested in the 22 Racing Series game, where each car NFT is made up of parts, all of which are fully tradable.

Phantasma Chain also offers time-limited NFT, which can serve as game passes for a limited time, or for special events or subscriptions. The chain also offers mint-on-demand, which creates the NFT only when it is purchased, instead of minting the entire collection ahead of time. The Phantasma infrastructure also includes nested NFT or various forms of burning and de-crafting.

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