Snake City Distributes Rewards to Freezone Players

Snake City already invites more than 1K players and boosts the wallet count on Swimmer Network.
  • Snake City already produces prizes and earnings for early Free Zone players.
  • SNCT tokens earned in the game can be used to mint or buy snakes or eggs.
  • Snake City now plans for a season based on Swimmer Network after the migration.

Snake City is starting to display the rewards set aside for all Freezone players. The Freezone is a free-to-start mode, with no need to purchase NFT. Players can use Snake City as a play-and-earn game, with rewards already coming to some of the early adopters.

Snake City players can also gain advantage on the Crabada game, as they receive Crabada resources such as Crab NFT and TUS tokens. For now, Snake City only invites a limited number of users, building toward organic growth. The game has only recently introduced PvP mode on its mobile version, and has not yet organized larger tournaments.

Currently, SNCT, the game’s native token, is held in only 27 addresses on Swimmer Network. But the game started only recently, migrating all its assets to Swimmer Network. Snake City still has no detailed tracking of its player count, and coexists with the Crabada community, which still attracts thousands of players per day.

Snake City has also broken above the 1,000 player record, and shows encouraging signs of achieving a success similar to Crabada. However, the prizes are only for the top positions of the leaderboards. 

SNCT Token Best Used to Buy NFT

The game’s native token has stabilized around $0.0044, after sliding from an initial peak close to $0.02. For now, SNCT remains relatively illiquid and mostly dependent on TraderJoe, the leading Avalanche decentralized exchange. SNCT rewards are still relatively small due to the low number of players.

Snake City has already introduced leaderboards, and tries to tap the opinions of players for new game additions.

Currently, the Free Zone is the most accessible tool to earn SNCT and possibly use it to buy a snake egg or a hatched snake NFT. Currently, all NFT in the game were sold, with only a few hundred eggs and snakes issued during the game’s first Avalanche season. 

The game is also worth watching for additional giveaways or new mints in the coming months.

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