Solice Metaverse Game Presented August Updates

Solice is working on being a multi-device VR metaverse.
  • Solice is working on VR smoothness and reliable editor.
  • SLC token has limited trading opportunities, but high APR staking.
  • Solice is unique for its choice to use Solana network.

Solice is one of the few metaverse games built on the Solana network. Recently, Solace presented the latest developments for August, bringing the game to a higher stage of completion. Recently, Solice also entered the list of the top 10 most visited games, drawing attention to its achievements.

The biggest challenge for the game is to run smoothly and be compatible with multiple VR devices or graphic cards. The game team is also working on an editing tool, to make the metaverse a creative sandbox. With this, Solice resembles the effort of the Vulcanverse metaverse-as-a-service, which will include 3D building and changing the virtual environment.

Solice is still in its presale stage, and its development track record may affect the token demand and subsequent market price. Solace aims to bring a VR metaverse for multiple tech platforms, based on the Solana blockchain. The game aims to bring a sandbox element with free creation, as well as NFT items. 

SLC Token Staking Adds GameFi Element

Solice has already completed the marketplace for Genesis avatars, as well as land plots, similar to The Sandbox or Decentraland. Additionally, SLC has three staking pools with various tiers of staking size and potential rewards. SLC staking is risky, but promises 30,40 or even 50% in APR.

Solice (SLC) has been trading since December 2021, sliding from its highs above $4.70. Currently, SLC hovers around $0.04, mostly relying on trading. The game is trying to make its way during turbulent market conditions, where Solana (SOL) has also taken a step back. SOL is currently at $33.26 and threatens to abandon the top 10 of coins and tokens. 

On the positive side, Solice is one of the projects aiming for wide engagement, with regular digital land giveaways and hackathons. The game also requires a Solana-based wallet with no free option. 

Solice has not displayed its player count, though it has previous episodes of high-level social media engagement. The Solana ecosystem is still somewhat separate and less active compared to other blockchains.

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