Soul Splicers NFT Collection Now Playable on Generative Dungeons

Soul Splicers aims for a skill-based dynamic game, unique for NFT splicing and user-generated monsters.
  • Soul Splicers offers an NFT collection currently playable on Generative Dungeons.
  • The game is expected to launch in early 2023, currently offering previews of the gameplay.
  • Players can deploy both Heroes and Monsters, as well as craftable Game Bosses.

Soul Splicers is an up-and-coming project that is getting closer to launching its own game. Now, Soul Splicers has partnered with Generative Dungeons and gained important utility for its NFT collection. Owners can use their images to play the Dungeons game with unique avatars. The Generative Dungeons is a third-person view map exploration, while the Soul Splicers is working on 2D parkour-style dungeon game.

Generative Dungeons is a community-driven project, offering to onboard multiple OpenSea collections into a maze game. 

Soul Splicers Working on Skills-Based Arcade Game

Soul Splicers has a team working on its own dungeon game with a dungeon-like maze. So far, there are limited previews available. The game will focus on a maze-like dungeon with parkour elements. 

The player’s Hero has to battle varied Monsters with different skills and attacks, to collect their Soul substance. At the end of the maze, players will also meet game bosses for a special challenge. Soul Splicers is built in a pixelated style, resembling a nostalgic arcade game.

In addition to owning a Hero, players can also control the Monsters, also known as Abominations. Playing on the side of enemies, players can put more Abominations in some of the newly generated dungeons. This feature may be used for the game’s PvP mode. Rare Abomination enemies can also get skill upgrades, while regular types can get stat upgrades with more Souls.

The game will also allow community NFT splicing and community bosses, which can be set in battle against players. In the coming months, Soul Splicers will also build dungeon expansions and more mini-games.

Most of the Soul Splicers community holds their NFT playable avatars, with only 1% listed on OpenSea. SoulSplicers currently relies on NFT staking, and has delayed its launch a bit. The first playable version of the game was supposed to arrive in Q3. The team has been adding content and levels, but it may take until 2023 for the actual game to launch.

Once Soul Splicers launches, it will offer a free entry and P2E mode. The game will also add weapons and allow multiple modes of winning.

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