Wombat Dungeon Master Prepares for Season 3 with New Perks Package

Wombat Dungeon Master relies on short seasons with new item perks.
  • Season 3 comes with pre-purchase and potential NFT reward packs.
  • New season launches on May 18 after NFT pack unboxing on May 16.
  • WAX remains one of the busiest gaming blockchains.

Wombat Dungeon Master, one of the most active games on the WAX blockchain, wrapped up Season 2 and already set the date for Season 3. Players will have the chance to buy pre-season packs, with scheduled drops on May 16. 


After the items are opened and the rarity revealed, Season 3 is expected to start on May 18.

Wombat Dungeon Master has proven a success, by being a game that appeals to gamers that do not put crypto first. So far, the game has avoided the boom-and-bust cycle of other games, and has a consistent player count above 10K in 24 hours. Most of the players are on the WAX blockchain version, with a few hundred using EOS.

Wombat Dungeon Master relies on short seasons with upgrades on items and minable resources. The items can also be combined and upgraded for potential rewards. The WAX blockchain also works toward creating a process of verifying guilds.

Wombat Dungeon Master is also tied to the Wombat WAX-based service, one of the few platforms to offer an intuitive account-like wallet. WAX wallets are also tied to an account identity. 

WAX Offers Different P2E and Gaming Experience

WAX is a widely traded asset with a relatively stagnant price, stepping back to $0.12 after the recent general slide in crypto markets. WAX is still a coin used to buy and sell in-game items in the specific WAX-based gaming economy. 

Wombat Dungeon Master is less reliant on tokens, and instead focuses on in-game items. This game has 11,000 NFT templates for various items, with new additions every season. Spielworks, the game’s creator, also introduces Wombucks accessible through the dedicated Wombat Wallet. Wombucks are not traded on the blockchain and are part of the Womplay ecosystem. 

The game’s challenges also award NFT, which can be seen and exchanged through the wallet. Wombat wallet exists as a Chrome extension, and is dedicated as a tool for gaming. The game relies on fun and engaging resource generation, though for now deliberately avoiding direct tokenization similar to Axie Infinity or other purely P2E games.

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